You may have wondered while driving on the #401 past Dixie road what that giant white bubble is in the midst of the piles of recycled materials This is to inform you that that bubble is GOLF DOME MISSISSAUGA, an indoor golf range offering the best value in indoor golf in the GTA. Twenty percent (20%) less than on time. The golf dome has morphed through a series of names over the last ten years, to wind up as it started in 1997, GOLF DOME MISSISSAUGA. For a time it was known as the DIMARCO GOLF DOME, because of its affiliation with the DIMARCO GOLF stores. Under a license agreement it was known as NEVADA BOB’S GOLF DOME, and then because of affiliation, it was known as the LAST MINUTE GOLFER DOME. For the last three years we have been reestablishing ourselves as GOLF DOME MISSISSAUGA and currently offer golf balls by the bucket, along with a variety of bucket packages to suit your needs. Seasonal memberships, golf lessons and clinics are all available to help you improve your game. Check us out at GOLF DOME MISSISSAUGA. We look forward to making your visit to our facility, a truly enjoyable one.


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